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  Water Treatment Upgrade - St. Cloud, MN  
  Water Treatment Upgrade - Owatonna, MN  
  Vicksburg Lane Pumping Station - Plymouth, MN  
  Dental Clinic - Stillwater, MN  
  Wastewater Treatment Plant & Grit Facility Addition - St. Cloud, MN  
  Water Treatment Plant - Maple Plain, MN  
  Water Treatment Plant - Hastings, MN  
  Water Treatment Plant - Mayer, MN  
  Water Treatment Plant & Wastewater Treatment Plant - Montgomery, MN  
  Wolfe Park Pavilion - St. Louis Park, MN  
 >  Theodore Wirth Golf Chalet - Minneapolis, MN  
  This historic Golf Clubhouse was originally built in the 1920's. Magney was selected to repair and replace exterior stonework, patio slabs, windows and doors. The five month project, which had to be completed in the winter months so it would be open for golf in the spring, was done at a cost of $390,000.  
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